Obedience Always Brings Blessing

Obedience Always Brings Blessing

In Luke 5:1-11, the Lord wanted to use Peter’s boat to teach the multitude. “He asked the future apostle to push the vessel out a little way from shore.” It was Peter’s obedience to his Master’s request that lead to great blessing.

“Peter and his partners may have started the day off thinking their efforts would yield nothing,” but ended the day with two overflowing boatloads of fish. “His disobedience led to great blessing and it transformed the lives of his entire group.” So ask yourself, “Has God been challenging you to do something seemingly unimportant that you’ve yet to accomplish?”

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Investing In Your 40’s: 4 Goals To Help You Prepare For What’s Next

Investing In Your 40’s: 4 Goals To Help You Prepare For What’s Next

In today’s economy, you may not have the luxury of investing in your 20’s or 30’s, so what do you do if you are at a crossroads in your life and you are in your 40’s? Here are some goals and tools you can utilize to prepare you for the journey ahead. “You may have already made a plan for the future.” “If so, now is a good time to review it and adjust course if necessary.”

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Waiting On God

Waiting On God

When you embark on any endeavor, time and preparation is essential to ensure you are equipped with the tools and wisdom necessary to complete your mission. There are periods in our lives where God may seem silent, and sometimes it may seem like He has left us while we are going through great trials. However, there are times when God is present, but the noise around us makes it hard for us to hear Him.

In today’s society we live in a very fast past environment due to technological advances and the rapid expansion of smart phones. “A fast pace isn’t necessarily bad, but we should guard against becoming so set on immediate fulfillment that we can’t wait for God’s timing.”

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How Late Payments Affect Your Credit

How Late Payments Affect Your Credit

Rebuilding you credit score after past financial mistakes can at times be challenging. If you do not have the ability to buy your first home without a mortgage, your credit score is one factor lenders use to assess character and risk. Oftentimes, when individual’s take the time to rebuild their credit, they retrieve their credit report from annualcreditreport.com and begin reviewing their report for errors and discrepancies.

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How Can I Have Eternal Life?

How Can I Have Eternal Life?

We are all faced with the same decision. We have a debt owed to God, but no way to pay for it. “None of our solutions, living a moral life, being religious, or doing more deeds can take care of our problem.”

“God Himself has provided the solution—one that both satisfies His justice and grants us mercy.” “He sent His Son to pay the penalty we owed.” “Jesus was qualified to be our substitute because He never sinned.” (2 Corinthians 5:21). However, many have heard the gospel and rejected it. “Some are like the rich ruler who placed his trust in material possessions and turned his back on the truth, while others refused to listen.” (Mark 10:17-27).

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Save Or Payoff Debt?

Save Or Payoff Debt?

Putting off saving for retirement until your debt-free could be a costly mistake. “Thanks to the magic of compounding, even small contributions to your 401(K) will grow significantly over a period of time.”

In order to lower your debts and free up cash flow, “review your expenses for ways to cut; look at how much you pay for your cell-phone plan, cable package and restaurant meals.” You can also increase your cash flow by paying off debts. “Paying off a card with an 18% interest rate is the equivalent of earning an 18% return.”

When We Feel Lonely

When We Feel Lonely

As God was about to create Adam, God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness” (Gen. 1:26). The Lord desires us to share intimacy with other people.

Jesus Christ took our transgressions upon Himself when He died on the cross so that we may be reconciled back to Him. “Reconciliation with the Father means that we are never alone (Deut. 31:6). We may still feel lonely on occasion, but we have a constant companion with whom we can talk. And He will provide comfort to our heart.