King Jesus Kingd and King Nikole Ministries Daily

Mount Moriah is significant because God’s presence can be felt more intensively in this place. At the summit of Mount Moriah, traditionally, is the “Foundation Stone,” and the site of the Temple’s Holy of Holies. Here’s your KJKDKNM Daily. [read].


King Jesus, King David and King Nikole Ministries Daily

Although King David was mighty in battle, he was also a great musician and poet. God will not only give us one gift, but he blesses us with many gifts. We must ensure we utilize God’s gifts for his glory. David was not only able to win battles through military strength and strategy but he was also able to minister to King Saul through his musical ability. Here’s your KJKDKNM Daily. [read].

King Jesus, King David and King Nikole Ministries Daily

King David was anointed King over Israel, but was his journey easy? David was a shepherd boy, and unlike Samson whose outward appearance displayed strength, King David had an inner strength that was undeniable. Are you overlooking something God has already given you? What caused Saul to fall on his own sword? Here’s your KJKDKNM Daily. [read].